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The hunt for "ghost submarines" made both the US and the Soviet Union "stunned"

SophieJul 5, 2022, 11:33:56 PM

Moving with tremendous speed, these unidentifiable "ghost submarines" made both the US and the Soviet Union "stunned".

In the midst of the Cold War (which lasted more than 4 decades, from 1947 to 1991) was more intense than ever, both the Soviet and Western military circles were stunned and stunned by the " strange objects ". extremely mysterious and modern that they discovered under the ocean .

During 37 years (from 1960 - 1997), people discovered a series of super-fast submarines , objects soaring from the ocean to the air , strange sounds under the ocean, and even Mysterious giant streaks of light ...

Suspicious that the Soviet Union developed and manufactured, the Western military world aggressively sought to destroy this "object" equipped with this "unthinkable" modern technology.

The mysterious "ghosts" under the ocean

Essentially, the Cold War that occurred primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union was a race in technology, military, and space.

The two rivals compete with each other, constantly developing and launching the most advanced technologies and inventions in the fields of land, water and space.

In January 1960 , when the race was at its most intense, two huge submarines of strange shape and condition were discovered deep in the Gulf of Encerrada (Argentina).

While one submarine is stationary, the other submarine hovers around the first one. Oddly, the Argentine Navy insists they did not send any submarines to that area.

So, where are these two giant submarines?

The government of Buenos Aires (Argentina) dumped Moscow (Soviet Union) and Washington (USA). Both Moscow and Washington have stated that none of their submarines have been sent to Encerrada Bay!

Soon after, the US Navy dispatched aircraft carriers and bombers to assist Argentina in destroying two strange submarines.

It is estimated that tons of bombs were dropped on the location of 2 submarines during 10 consecutive days. However, all efforts were in vain when suddenly two submarines "ran away" at extremely high speed and then gradually "disappeared" in the deep sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

Around February 1960 , a "strange object" was discovered in the Caribbean. The amazing thing is that this "strange object" moves at a speed of 370km/h, making it impossible for a US Navy warship to catch up.

More terrible, in 1963 , when the US Navy was conducting exercises in the waters near the " demon triangle " of Bermuda, they discovered an extremely strange object in the deep water.

This "foreign object" moves at an unbelievable speed: 300km/h in underwater conditions .

Not only causing "weird" in its speed of movement, in a moment, the "foreign object" dived to a depth of 6000 meters and then immediately surfaced again. The total time to dive deep and come to the surface takes only... a few minutes.

Western military experts from surprise to fear and bewilderment, because they think that modern technology has not yet allowed submarines to move at such tremendous speed (because the latest technology submarines also can only run at 100km/h, which is 1/3 of the speed of the "foreign object").

They said, only very special equipment can move, dive deep and come to the surface so quickly (because even the most modern submarines take hours to come to the surface).

Later, people also saw many submarines in different seas around the world such as the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil... All of them have strange shapes and move without causing any harm. Any noise or air bubbles.

And they call them "ghosts".

The quest regardless of day and night under the sea

The strange appearance and movement of a series of "strange objects" made the Western press suspect that they were outstanding works of the Soviet Union.

For many years, while still stunned by the discovery of super-fast submarines in the ocean, the West also faced strange disappearances and destruction of submarines.

In just 4 months of 1968 , 4 Western submarines, including the US, were destroyed and mysteriously disappeared without a trace in the Atlantic Ocean.

Angry, determined to find the vandals of proud military works, the US and many countries promote the hunt for "ghosts" day and night.

The West has deployed warships, missile launchers, radars to detect and scout to "throw nets" to catch "ghosts" across the world's oceans.

However, all efforts went to a dead end when they only discovered a "strange object" shaped like a submarine but moving like an airplane at the speed of sound.

Reports said that, before causing the 4 submarines to go missing and destroyed, the "foreign object" circled around them and disappeared without a trace.

No signal or trace was recorded.

By the 1970s , the West continued to suspect the Soviet Union when intelligence revealed that the Soviets had secretly built and tested a cruiser in the Caspian Sea. This cruiser is capable of moving both underwater and in the air.

Responding to the "drills" of the West, the head of the Soviet Navy at that time affirmed that he would be very grateful if the West could destroy the submarine and bring back the ship's wreckage. West accused that it was the work of the Soviet Union!

Since then, both the US and the Soviet Union have conducted sea hunts. One side is determined to destroy and "unmask" the force behind the other "foreign object"; one side also hunts to "vindicate" itself.

However, this mystery has not been decoded, they have encountered another terrible mystery: Reports say that people simultaneously heard strange sounds in the ocean coming from an "unidentified object". like a frog croaking.

After setting up a team to survey and investigate the bottom of the ocean, the Soviet military believed that the sounds came from a new American device. This device was intended to create noise to distract the Soviet Union.

But there are also many opinions that it is a navigation system to help US submarines move more easily.

Later, the Soviet research team was dissolved without knowing the reason. The mystery sounds like a frog croaking in the ocean, so it sinks into the mystery.

Not stopping there, in 1978 and 1997 , people continuously discovered huge bright bands on the sea surface.

Its mysteries make it impossible for humans to explain. And they call them "the devil's circle".

Later, the American team of divers found a strange piece of debris. Scientists say that the fragment is made of alloys with elements never seen on Earth!

From then on, after nearly 4 decades of witnessing the appearance of strange objects, super submarines , mysterious sounds and strange lights, all research suddenly stopped.

The mysteries are so strange and unbelievable that even modern people have to say, is it the product of " alien "? 

Or are the giant research works created by humans that ordinary people cannot expect?

After nearly 4 decades of discovery and tracing under the ocean, all still do not have a complete answer.