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Ever Taken The Rice Purity Test?

sups1992Dec 2, 2018, 8:43:19 AM

The official Rice Purity Test is a 100 question survey that originated in Rice University, Houston, Texas. Hence its name – the Rice Purity Test. Historically, new students would voluntarily complete the Purity Test during orientation week as an opportunity to bond with other students. However, the purity test was also used to track students’ progress as they got to experience college life at Rice University. These days the Rice University Purity Test is usually taken for fun, by teenagers and young adults as a measure of one’s level of ‘purity’.

Take The Official Rice Purity Test Online

Simply answer the following 100 questions to receive your Purity Test Score. Check each box for every item that you have completed. One point will be deducted from 100 for each question you answer “Yes” to. When you’ve completed the test use the calculator button below to discover your purity score.

The Official Rice Purity Test Online - How innocent are you?

We hope you enjoyed completing the Rice Purity Test. Be sure to share this page on social media and with your friends so you can find out their purity scores. It’s certainly a lot more interesting when you can compare results with people you know, don’t be afraid to comment your score below either.