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Posting today's news and related spicy memes. Always open to discussion with liberals. Just come prepared. I am not a Russian bot My groups: Cord Cutters MAGA MEMES Breaking 911 Not Tired of Winning Drain the Swamp

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Feline - Meow. When not at second life, I post things that normally bring a smile to my face. (art, cartoons, recipes, memes, pictures taken 'inworld' from SL.) I also play ESO = Elder Scrolls Online. I have written a few blog posts on second life topics. Hopefully the blog posts can help get someone started; or give a general idea of what they are about to leap into. In my own pixelated SL universe: I enjoy landscaping & decorating to create nice photo backdrops.. I make the occasional piece of furniture. I have one of the largest SL adult libraries available. I spent four years of collecting notecard books; and putting books to notecard. (Then building/creating to contain said cards.) Nothing on card where copyrights are in question. I only want to further a bit of intelligence via reading & this is my small part to help in that. I also like messing about with a Teegle-pet horse. You know those horses have a mind of their own. And the horses do get into trouble if you aren't right there to watch and enjoy them. When wandering the long roads in ESO: Loot it. Loot it all! Khajiit was framed! I have any number of quest bosses I would love to have help killing.. Just ask if you want to go kill a quest boss. And if you want a werewolf bite, I'm that kitty! Other than that, fishing. I like fishing.. What khajiit wouldn't like fishing? Questing. Cadwell was right when he said it was even the sound of the word when it leaves the mouth.. Quest.. Questing..

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how hackers start their afternoons. read: got a tech story? get reviewed by a professional editor for publication: 10k+ contributing writers publish stories and expertise for 4M+ monthly readers. become a sponsor today: P.S. top stories:

Joe Rogan
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s̙͆a̭͙͎̜̔̏̉̒ḋ̘͕̐ /̲̯̜͛̈́͐̓ͅ a̯͒͌͟r̮͞t∆|•°. Life's too short to tiptoe around the delusions of others. Find me on Instagram: @ optic.ill or

San Antonio
Apr 2019
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