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Your Complete Guide to Stem Cell Therapy

stemcellpainrelief53Aug 7, 2018, 10:57:10 PM

Today, the stem cell therapy is very popular in the medical field. In this type of treatment, embryonic and adult stem cells are used as medicine for all sorts of diseases including skin conditions like burns for a more improved cell regeneration. These types of cells are proven to be the most effective remedies in the repair of damaged cells and the reproduction of diseased or dead cells.

Embryonic stem cells are cells that are taken from an early stage embryo. But the adult stem cells on the other hand refers to those cells taken from post fetal animals. Read more about Stem Cell Therapy from StemCures. Some of the most common sources of adult stem cells include the heart, liver, nerves, ligaments, cartilage, bone marrow, tissues and fats. However, of all the many tissues, the fat holds the most mesenchymal stem cells and the umbilical blood as well as the bone marrow holds the most stem cells that will later on turn into white and red blood cells.

Depending on what your preferences are, there are also different kinds of cells for you to choose from when you undergo stem cell therapy. The autologous stem cell is one of the types of stem cells and this type comes from the same animal as the receiver. This type of stem cell is ideal for a transplant because you wouldn't have to worry about the transferred cell being rejected. The allogenic stem cell is also another type of stem cell coming from a donor from the same species. Since the composition from the same species is almost the same, this type of stem cell is also less likely to be rejected. The Xenogenic stem cell is another type of cell but it is derived from a donor from another species and has a tendency to be rejected but even so, there are still cases of xenogenic stem cell transplant that worked well.

The aim in every stem cell is to increase cell regeneration which makes it perfect for relieving pain. Since it provides a natural way of healing, you can also save yourself from countless medications. You can also get rid of your mobility and sleeping problems with stem cell therapy because of its revolutionary healing properties.

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