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How Winter Season could affect asphalt?

standardpavingincAug 29, 2018, 12:56:32 PM

To plan asphalt paving in winter is a quite risky task. If you do not have a proper idea and do not even know how to deal with it, then it could result in worst. It has observed that your private driveways, commercial road, and other surfaces get affected on account of wet weather and freezing temperature. Since the asphalt pavement cannot help freezing and thawing in the winter season. It is a most challenging scenario to prevent your asphalt from getting crushed. In this blog, we are going to discuss how winter season affects your asphalt pavement and hereby you will be able to minimize the winter impact.

To install asphalt in winter

It is highly recommended and suggested by a professional asphalt paving contractor that asphalt cannot be laid down in winter owing to installing process. Being the hot nature of asphalt as well as its making process we should refrain from installing it in the winter season. The heated truck is used to bring the asphalt at the work zone and it can only be maintained in high temperature. Once it gets at the job site it is laid down by level. It will take around 24 to harden and then let it cure for a week. On the other, if you are going to install asphalt road in winter, then it will not take enough time to harden. It got hard so quickly and you would not have enough time for spreading and leveling it on the ground. There are another aspect that is mostly overlooked the aggregates of frozen ground end up becoming a part of asphalt which too is laid.


It is said by the expert the asphalt that is laid down perfectly cannot help cracking. Especially in the winter season, it is too difficult to save the asphalt road from getting cracked. Since in winter weather the asphalt surface could shrink and get larger owning to fluctuating the temperature. Furthermore, there are snow falling and thawing occurs too and it causes of water penetration in asphalt that is how your surface could not be a good position. You should refrain from cracking you have to hire the expert snowplows. They would surely help to get rid of the snow without any sort of misshape.

Water obtrusion

It is most common things that water could penetrate in the asphalt especially in raining and snow falling season. Once the surface gets crack there is less chance to keep the crack ground save from water. As soon as the snowfall occurs, you had better to hire the expert snow removal crew in such a way you could succeed in getting water away from it.


After discussing all the matter you would have a clear idea about how winter weather could affect asphalt and how you will be able to save it from getting worst. It is an always worthy approach to engage with expert snow removals as soon as it starts snow falling. There are lots of companies wondering around, you have to hire one of them.