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5 Items You Should Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

stacyjohnnaJan 25, 2019, 11:53:37 AM

The worst nightmare for any driver is meeting with an accident, or having some medical emergency in the middle of nowhere and breaking down of the car when there is no place to get it fixed any near. And these situations can cause a real problem for any drive if the one does not have any means to deal with it. So one cannot avoid such problems but can be prepared for them. And one must always stay prepared for such a situation beforehand with the right kind of tools and have your emergency kit tailored according to yours and your car's need.

As every person have different needs so as every car has a different needs. While there are many things you can find in the car’s trunk while you can have one with things you need according to considering your needs, such as weather in which you travel the most, road conditions etc. While it’s always a wiser step to err on the side of the precautions and have some general item in your emergency kits.

So, here is the emergency car kit item you should have with you:-

Emergency Car Kit Item

1.) Flares and Lighting :- The most important thing one should have in their emergency kit are flares or reflective triangles which indicates the other about the presence of your car on the road and they should be kept in a proper distance from car, so that a person can work on car and another driver can have the idea of the space. For the longer usage and for reusable option one should always opt for a battery operated LED flares. And flashlight should be a compulsory item in the kit too.

2.) Jumper Cables: -This is an item which should be a part of an emergency kit for sure. A car’s battery can die in between your journey at a very least opportune moment, in that case, jumper cables come in handy and can save you from an unfortunate situation, one can also consider keeping a spare car battery in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3.) First Aid-Kit:- A first kid should be a must for a DIY emergency kit. One can have pre-packed one or one can assemble according to their needs. If one has any specific medication advised from a doctor or someone in the family have so or if there are small kids in the family than the required medications should be there in extra doses as prescribed.

4.) Car Tools:- One should have all the essential tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches etc. and also motor oil, coolant, should be there in the kit also tire inflator so that you can reach the next spot to get your flat tire fixed.

5.) Food, Water and Warm Clothes :- In case your car has got some serious problem and you cannot deal with it and you have to spend a night in the car, than you should be prepared for that by having some warm clothes to keep you warm in night, some extra food, so that you don’t have to face hunger if you are stuck in a place where there is nowhere to eat around. Water is never enough in the journey, so should keep extra bottles in case of an emergency.