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Retired Commercial Deep Sea Diver. Navy,Vietnam Vet.Past Instructor at the college of Oceaneering.North Sea Saturation Diver/Supervisor. ICCF Correspondence Chessmaster.

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editor in chief of banter magazine ... begrudging grad student @ university of toronto

Born explorer, photography/film making enthusiast, nature lover and history addict. Website

Native American/Norwegian Cyber Punk Entrepreneur , Crypto Trader, HODLr & Ethereum Miner, dTube content creator @channeljaytv , super dimensional athlete , climber outdoorsy also known to be a luscious lush. Legit 80's kid. Current Show is called The Crypto Coyote showing on Minds & DTube . "I fight for the user." Tron .

Amateur photography from Wisconsin and anywhere I get the opportunity to explore. All images are my own. Tips are greatly appreciated they help me fund my adventures to create these images. Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!! Prints available in Canvas, Metal, Acrylic & Fine Art Paper. Go to:

Jun 2019
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