Sovereignty Project


Who owns our nation? What does it really mean to own something? Do you know? Have you ever pondered, what can be done to fix our failing American civilization? If we-the-people own our nation, does that make our status management or merely subjects? Why does our nation exist? What is its purpose? Who are We the People? Are we the people above the law? When was our nation founded, and by who? Are the US Constitution and our nation the same thing, or does it merely define the government? Is the constitution still relevant today? How about our representative system of government? Is government still relevant or is it obsolete? In any given civil structure, how does power flow, from the top down, or is it the other way around? What is the political pecking order, and what does that mean? In this video, part 1 of Political Pecking Order and others to follow, we not only examine these questions, but we answer them as well.
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