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Introducing HubrisOne: A Revolutionary Platform for both Cryptocurrency and Fiat money

solman25Jan 30, 2019, 7:50:04 PM

while it is no longer a news that the introduction of cryptocurency and blockchain technology has brought a remarkable revolution into the affairs of the world, the available evidence has shown that there exist some shortcomings inhibiting the full incorporation of the former into the current wave of globalization.

one of such weaknesses is the wider gap existing between the traditional banking system using fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. at present, te system lack a platform that can serve as a uniting agent for both systems. it is with the aim of finding solutions ro these that a group of experts from both system came up with a platform called HUBRISONE. The question of what this platform is and how it function is therefore the focus of this article.

HubrisOne Platform

HubrisOne, is a mobile app platform created to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency using crypto tokens and the banking sector with her fiat or traditional currency. the full function of HubrisOne platform will fuse both traditional banking and cryptocurrency together and deliver a service that is user-friendly and convenient. with this platform, investors are fear-free because of the security measures and user-verifications put in place to guarantee the safety of their investments while using the platform

In order to be able to use this revolutional platform, the team has introduced Hubris Taken (HBRS) which is a utility token used in and within the platform. HBRS token will serve as a store of value, a means to transfer funds, receive platform access, discounts and used as a medium of payment. in addition, users are entitled to HubrisOne debit cards used for transactions withing the platform and it infrastructures.

Uses ofHubris Utility Token

The HBRS token unlike other token usefulness is not limited to the digital world alone but also include the physical world. The main uses of the token include the following

1 Pay for goods in store and online; once your debit card is link to your Hubrisone account, one can spend it in store all over the world and online shoppings. it is therefore a fact that your HBRS token is as good as your fiat currencies.

2 Transfer globally; with HBRS token in your account, it can be transfer to any place on earth as fast as possible therefore removing the time wasting and delay in the current currency transfer system of traditional banks.

Based on these therefore, it can be deduce that HBRS token is not only as good as the traditional money but more better, effective, acceptable, reliable and more convenient and secured for users and investor than the traditional money.

Beyond buying the HBRS token from exchange which can be accessed from Chaincreator, the team has also put in place of means of rewarding users of the platform with HBRS token. such include but not limited to; Token Reward for User Sign up, referral bonus, account loading rewards, discounted transactions and the host of others. The current price of HBRS token at the Chaincreator exchange is $0.01 which is subject to increase on monthly bases. Other information on the platform and its services can be found in the links below

In conclusion, with the introduction of HubrisOne platform, the gap between traditional bank and cryptocurrency has been bridged to incorporate both in one system. Having HBRS also means that one can use it anywhere and any place all over the world. with the continuos upward movement of the token value however, it is however advised to buy the token in-time while the value is low.

For more information visit the links below;

website: https://www.hubrisone.com/

whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1enh6bm59MXPMmQ8MVKXs68iShXD45L7p

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5039930.0

Telegram: https://t.me/hubrisonebounty

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