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Transsexual Nazi [This is obviously a contradictory humorous Statement, fuckwits.].Vendor of Eldritch Mechanical Ashuras in Narnian alleyways. Writer and amateur vocalist. I'm like Madara Uchiha if Madara Uchiha was an anemic Goth Girl. Covers At Https:// Novel at
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Hi! I'm just here to make friends and talk about anime and video games. I hope we can get along!

Feel free to steal any memes. A good laugh doesn't belong to anyone 💪💪💪

!!! I POST/REPOST ADULT THEMED CONTENT !!! I BLOCK AND DOWNVOTE ALL COVID-CONSPIRATARD POSTS. Lex • 26 • he/they • STRAYA • TAKEN ♡ • DID • furfag • fictionkin • industrial cybergoth • psychonaut • pagan • vegan • egalitarian • anti-extremist • anti-pedo • anti-zoo #blackstaticart #blackstaticmusic * The BlackStatic account on Minds is not mine, someone else just took the name first.

Roed Tape
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Hey there! I draw sketches and illustrations. Hololive dweller, anime, manga, Buns, and spicy culture Connoisseur. Spicy art on Pixiv 🔞 🔞 - safe art - Artstation Twatter: Fediverse (Should Minds go anti anime): Poast : Pawoo: #art #sketch #anime #drawing #manga #pinups

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21, Gamer who likes Anime. all images I post belong to the original artists. I could post my own but I am absolutely the worst artist in the world. also Taken by the wonderful @feistylittlekitty

Christian, Independent Journalist, Free Spirit, Free Thinker

Enough aliases to make a phone book. Vidya, Music, and many other things, free the anime tidd. FGO, Priconne, soon to be the BB Gacha. Lewds will be posted. Xbox/PC/DC

New Mexico
Nov 2020
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