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The "listen to the science" cult wants to ruin your life again

MacKenzieNov 13, 2020, 9:14:52 AM

So now they all want lockdowns again.

Poor Tyler Cowen: he just got done telling everyone that hard lockdowns were a "straw man" and a thing of the past, and that the authors of and signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration decrying them were wasting their time.

Remind me not to consult Cowen for predictions.

France is reporting 500+ deaths per day at this point, which would be like 2500 deaths per day in the U.S. -- higher than we ever had.

France is also home to intellectuals who sniffed at the U.S. for its allegedly unscientific response.

The same goes for the U.K., Italy, Spain, and elsewhere.

So here's the chart, which includes the country the lizard people hate to mention:


There's Sweden at the bottom, the country that never closed businesses or schools and never had a mask mandate.

By the way, see that tiny blip at the end of Sweden's line, where it goes up a little bit and then comes back down?

A couple of weeks ago people were pointing at that tiny thing and screaming that Sweden was finally going to get what was coming to it.


They can't just be happy for Sweden and curious to learn more about why it's been doing so well month after month -- in fact, September 2020 was the least lethal month in the entire recorded history of Sweden.

It's as if they want to make us suffer, they want to take away what brings us joy, they want us to feel pain -- and Sweden spoils that party.

Woods, you may say, how can you attribute that kind of motive to them?

At this point, what other explanation is there? They keep proceeding according to the same failed practices of the past, and they keep ignoring the one major country that took a different path. Does that sound like what someone with a truly dispassionate, scientific frame of mind would do?

The rule seems to be: we don't know what we're doing, but if something brings pleasure we should probably limit it, and if something involves great inconvenience and sacrifice, we should just impose it.

"Science," everyone!

Meanwhile, the Republican Party, with a few notable exceptions, has been borderline useless through the crisis. 

Just one example: Ohio's Mike DeWine.

More restrictions coming from Mike, and more masking -- because masks have done just a bang-up job holding back the virus around the world!

Here's Illinois vs. Sweden:


Yet even after eight months of this, you have people -- people you know: your neighbors, your co-workers, even your family members -- who think more of what's already failed should do the trick.

Like most normal people these days, you're feeling isolated and alone.

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