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Lockdowns vindicated by the vaccine, say the crazies

MacKenzieNov 12, 2020, 9:35:29 AM

Since the dual announcement of the Pfizer vaccine and the monoclonal antibody treatment, I've heard some people say: it's time for the lockdown skeptics to stand down.

We'll have things getting back to normal within two to four months, they say, so just shut up until then.

(These are the same people who, eight months ago, spoke of 15 days to flatten the curve.)

Now, for the sake of argument:

Suppose these folks are right.

Does that mean it's time to give up pointing out facts?

The standard COVID-19 mitigation narrative cannot be smashed hard enough, because we need people to understand what a catastrophe it was the next time they try to impose it on us, who knows how many years down the road.

I saw someone saying that lockdowns have been vindicated by the arrival of the vaccine. What that person really means is: millions of deaths in the developing world from non-COVID illnesses as a direct result of lockdowns do not matter.

Click here for my initial tally of the death count from lockdown.

So, here's something:

You know how when there are spikes in red states, we get a lot of stern moralizing about the reckless behavior of the peasants?

What happens when there are spikes in blue states, which are replete with restrictions? For example, Minnesota, Colorado, and New Mexico:


Are those governors going to be lectured to and denounced?

The question answers itself, dear reader.

Virus gonna virus, as Alex Berenson says.

The state desperately needs to take the credit here, so they'll claim that mask mandates, lockdowns, and ruined lives -- carried out by people who believe in The Science(TM) -- were the keys to success.

We were told that Europe had "done it right" and "crushed the curve" by ruining people's lives. Now the virus is back in those places, as any damn fool could have predicted.

We've been told that wearing masks will do the trick, but some of the biggest spikes in the world right now are taking place in countries that have been heavily masked for months.

When sane scientists drafted the Great Barrington Declaration, denouncing society-wide lockdowns as both inhumane and unhelpful and recommending "focused protection" instead, we were told that it would not be possible to shelter vulnerable people. That's way too difficult!

No big deal, on the other hand, was decimating people's life savings, ruining their businesses, roping off playgrounds and depriving children of socialization, disrupting supply chains and risking famine, shutting down everything that brings people joy and meaning -- no problem! Not difficult at all!

This has been the worst public-health fiasco in world history, but the media has somehow managed to get half the country cheering for villains and booing heroes -- and, even more bizarre, cheering the destruction of their own lives.

You know these people -- they're your neighbors, your co-workers, even your family members. They think you're evil, even though the policies they've supported have led to catastrophic outcomes far surpassing the damage from the virus itself.

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