Svetlana Ivanova

I came to the U.S. at age of 12 with my mother. We settled in sunny Florida, which was quite a contrast to Minsk. I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in psychology. Since then I have worked as a counselor. I am also a blogger and the author of seven sex advice books.
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Just doing photo montage art on here, because I can't afford a drawing tablet.

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An Open Minded, Grown Man 👨🏾‍💼 with an Artistic 👁 behind the Camera and in Life. This is the one and only profile for CSDewitt Photography aka CSDewitt Photo that belongs to CSDewitt Buck. Located in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA Metropolitan area. My photography genres range from Architecture to eXotic. You can see my photographs, annotated, and those I like here on this profile. I have the capacity and open mindedness to Enjoy others Art. 🖼 By proceeding you release all responsibilities of the creators and it's providers of any legal obligations, declare that you are over the age of 18 (21 where applicable) and do not find images of nudity and/or sexual content offensive. Please Subscribe, Vote, Comment and Remind to see more memes, photos and informational content. ✌🏾❤️😃 —— THANKS for the WIRE(S) ✌🏾 @ParadiseChannel @Willieleev1971 @delastman @Jcory444 @asxk900 @Atrielis

I am an enigma. A contradiction in terms. I am two extremes who've met in the middle, and split apart. I am the calm before my storm. I am my own best friend, and my own worst enemy. I am my own healer, and also my own personal hell. Only I can make me, or break me. I am the wizened crone, in the mind of the maiden. I am a brilliant star in a dark universe. I am a comedian in a world that hates to laugh. I am the caring nurse that forgets self care. I am the prophet who sees the future in the past. I am the voice of words already spoken. I am the poet of things yet thought. I smile through tears.. I cry with joy. I fix all the others while falling apart. I am everything no one else is, was, or ever will be. Wore out and broken, but built better every day. I am the student teacher..I am here to learn what I already know and teach what I'm learning. I am an enigma. But then, so are you.

#ALL I enjoy all things beautiful. With that said, there is way too much strife, turmoil, bad news, etc. in the world these days, therefore, instead of dwelling on those things all the time, take a few minutes each day to gaze upon the beauty of women to briefly take your minds - no pun intended - off these things for a little while. If you enjoy these pictures consider subscribing to see more daily.

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I freely admit that I am subliminally, and sometimes blatantly, hitting you with red pill truth bombs of nuclear type. We The People can turn it all around if we educate ourselves to "the law" that you are never taught in school and then told the rest of your life that your ignorance of it is on you and no excuse for anything. To sum it up, I am your #DeepstateOutsider All Token Donations Will Be Used To #MakeAmericaBetterAgain Donation Links: Websites: My Groups: Democratic Republican Party FreeSpeech Real Shitlords Caravan To Midnight Fan Group Bob's Vagene Mashup Madness

Stefan Molyneux
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Peaceful Parent, Philosopher and Host of Freedomain, the world's largest philosophy conversation!

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"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.

Miami Beach
Aug 2018
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