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The Health Gains of Reflexology Foot Massage

siteshealthandwellnessOct 17, 2018, 3:02:15 AM

Reflexology is a foot massage that relies on a theory that reflex points on the foot, head and hands are linked up to all the body parts and using this theory it is used to release tension and illness treatment. It is now a widely offered massage because of its health benefits. The techniques used in reflexology include the slide and press technique, index finger walking, thumb technique, rotation on, hook and back and many others. The health gains of reflexology foot massage are a couple.

The massage helps in improving the nerve conduction, it stimulates the many nerves in our feet and therefore encouraging the opening and paving way for the neural. Reflexology Bristol helps reduce pain by interrupting pathways of pain. The massage assist in endorsing self-healing in individuals, this happens by curing the illness or help effectively manage the illness. Reflexology is also known to provide relaxation by reducing the heart rate, lowering the blood pressure, encouraging of deep breathe, reliving depression and greatly reduce any possible occurrences of stroke attacks and heart attacks. It also assist individuals to detoxify and eliminate toxins in the bodies, this is done in different ways like strengthening the immune system, and anti-aging and it boost the energy levels.

Reflexology health gain also includes increased blood and oxygen circulation in the body. This helps oxygen reaching in our bodies vital organs and therefore functioning as required and have an increase in metabolism. Increase in circulation of blood and oxygen in the body results in the healing of wounds faster and damaged cells faster regrowth. Here are more related discussions about health, visit http://www.ehow.com/health/.

People frequently get headaches and migraines and one benefit of Reflexology in Bristol is the reduction of headaches and migraines. This is done by releasing tension in the specific muscles that cause the conditions. Reflexology helps boost the energy levels in an individual. This is achieved by aligning functions of body organs and the muscle systems in the body, through increase in metabolism energy is created in our bodies. In the cases where individuals feel as if they do not have the energy to work and be productive, reflexology can help in acquiring the energy required to work and be productive. Reflexology is also known to easy pregnancy, especially during labor. It is known to decrease the occurrence of postpartum depression in women and can assist the body of a woman heal quicker and its normal metabolic level faster. Reflexology is also used in cancer treatment, where it assists in easing the side effects of treatments of cancer like chemotherapy. It assist reduce anxiety and vomiting in cancer patients.