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Why Invest in a Classic Claw Foot Tub

sitebuyclawfoottubsOct 19, 2018, 2:09:52 AM

There are many types of bathtubs you can go for, most of the modern and highly stylish. But among the best, the classic claw foot tubs still rank highly. The beautiful claw-like feet still make them something desirable in today's interior designing world. Most people wish they could get one in their houses. There are many reasons why they hold such a strong pull on so many people.

They are still the most elegant choice you can make. They are refined, with certain feminine lines and contours, with the beautiful curving rim that adds to its charm and appeal. They can be made out of cast iron, but will still retain the elegance and the appearance of delicacy they are known for.

They also have a unique personality. The claw feet give the impression of motion like they could start walking any time. This adds to the styling of any bathroom, no matter the intended age of the design. They shall have the same effect that fairy tales have even in these modern times. You shall let loose in the bathroom, and be transported to another time. Get more info here!

They come in different sizes. Most of the selection is usually the huge ones, in which you can soak your entire body with ease. They are also shaped well enough to allow for long sessions in the bath. You can also choose one not just by capacity, but also by length. Short as well as tall people shall find smoothing suitable for their height and comfort. These different sizes also make for better placement in different sized bathrooms out there. Be sure to check it out!

They are also flexible enough to accommodate accessories. As times have changed, so have our needs when taking a bath. These tubs have not lagged. They now come with attachments for shower heads. You can thus have it as your bath as well as the shower. A small bathroom design is thus sorted. These accessories can be designed in the same theme as the tubs, to complement your overall design aspirations. What you can also have yours turned into a whirlpool tub, where the jetted attachments are easily added to the underlying tub. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1BiQzM0Upo for more info about tubs.

There are so many things to love about the claw foot tub. It has the most elegant design a bathtub will ever possess. Those feet are a great conversation piece, they come in diverse sizes, and are suitable even for modern interior design work. You, therefore, have your solution in these claw foot bathtubs next time you are renovating or building a new house.