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The Precious Silver Dollar

silverdollarguideNov 13, 2018, 2:12:23 AM

For serious coin collectors and casual coin collectors as well the liberty head or the Morgan Silver dollar is a favorite of many. The mints that were involved in the making of silver dollars were only five. The minting would later be suspended when the government experienced a shortage of silver bullion, production would later resume about seventeen years later but by this time the Morgan silver dollar got replaced by the Peace silver dollar. Through the Pittman act, 1918 more than two hundred and seventy million Morgan coins were smelted when silver value shot up significantly. Today there are very few of the coins still in existence.

As the minting was done over the years there were some small variations to some features that you see on the coins. The coins have a lot of silver content in them around ninety percent while the remaining portion is copper. If you are looking to get your hands on some good Morgan silver dollars you can, the less expensive way would be through the extremely fine(EF) or about uncirculated (AU). When investing in MS63 and other higher grades make sure that they are graded and that the NGC or PCGS has slabbed them.

Ask around for the dealers that you can trust because if you are not cautious this can be a rough world. Do not buy from just any dealer that you come across. There are networks in this world so look out for the person who knows the way around and use their guidance. Prices can vary greatly between dealers so make sure that you do your comparisons before you go ahead and start making transactions. It's also important to keep connections with people who have experience and knowledge of Morgan Silver Dollars trading so that you can keep up with the timing of making good investments.

In addition to that do your own research so that you can have a better understanding of the liberty silver dollar industry. You will find a lot of helpful articles and websites online that will act as eye openers. Precious metals will be part of the use and well-calculated investments will pay off very well. The internet has created a lot of opportunities for coin collectors as they can find each other without necessarily having to meet face to face. You are able to interact and share with people who share the same interests as those you have in the art of coin collection.

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