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Love what you see here with my impressive original posts, well, you can profit out of it too. I create art, animations and trending designs, also I accept custom art commissions. So leave a like, a message, remind,or wires, just like what every art and anime lovers does here. All wires gratified.

The story of a girl, a secret door, a monster and a whole lot of scars... Cut (Horror Comic), via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/caseypletcher/cut-horror-comic This is the account for Casey Pletcher, the writer and producer of the comic.

Minds account of Anime/Manga YouTuber NZAnimeManga - Aka that "British JoJo Shitposter"

Right-libertarian Abolish the State not the Nation.

I got purged off Twitter (IP ban), so I'm on here.

InsulaQui.com -Market Rule- -Natural Order- -Producing Virtue- Socio-Economic Producerism, Contractual Monarchy, Privatizing Interactions, Market-Authoritarian Ecology, Nautical Counter-Economics.

82nd Airborne, Four combat tours, Purple Heart recipient, husband and father, Part of the Problem, Political Science denier

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Anarchyball is now on Minds.com http://anarchyball.com https://twitter.com/Anarchyball https://www.facebook.com/Anarchyball/ Minds Anarchyball BTC: 1K6hWNFwWKnmz9Y4yzEqHyyR5yZZdbjtk8

I'm a anarchist,metalhead, a tad bit of a manga lover I like writing lyrics and growling/screaming this channel is for whatever please I guess and freedom of speech

Florida, USA
Aug 2018
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