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Yokoso watashi no tomodachi. For the love of #ink. Self taught pen wielder. #illustrations done in #dotwork, #hatching and souch stuff. Tools mostly used: #FaberCastell ink pens (0.1-0.5) #Pentel ink pens (0.3-0.7) and brush ink pen #GraphitePencils (2H-4HB)

We are Trycrystals. We offer Orgone Pyramids, glass pendants, wire wrapped crystals, and stones. We also offer glass vortexes, and we offer high quality CBD products from HempmedsPx at a discounted price. Golden Subscribers suckerb0rg : Luculent JaphyRyder Jack - Amazing Admin Elygantthings WulffHuman FloatingOnSmiles kdjh Scott Cunningham @scottcbusiness BudMar -

Illustration Painting Drawing Photography: Canon T5 Rebel

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Anglo-Celt ][ Folk-Right Ethno-Nationalist ][ Traditionalist My interests include : European History, Culture, and Mythology Stoic Philosophy and Metaphysics The Classical Liberal Arts and Sciences.

I've got no strings to hold me down to make me fret, or make me frown I had strings, but now I'm free There are no strings on me!

Artist finding her way in the world again after a long break... All photos original although not all are art. Some document aspects of my life including travel, nature, permaculture and cats (sometimes all at the same time). Trying to see my local environment as I did when overseas - with fresh eyes and an openness to the un/familiar. Attracted to derelict places, memorials and cemeteries, rust, street art, visual, physical, written and music-based storytelling, myth, grotesquery, the surreal and fantastic. Also favour tone and texture, playful shots, costume work. Bored with portraits of delicious slender, idealised young women, would love to see images of natural, curvaceous, mature/older women and men featured on Minds. Most of my photos are taken on an iPhone 8 Plus, but I do sometimes pack my little Nikon. I don’t regard myself as a photographer although I enjoy acting as one. My photos are primarily for reference, memory or to intrigue/delight myself & others. Images posted generally have only minimal adjustments.

AutonomousFamily is a channel dedicated to sharing the content of our adventures around north america. This family of three will show just what it takes to remodel an RV, roadschool/homeschool, explore the states for places to be free and enjoy every second of it.

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