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We are two sisters and mothers with a shared passion for transforming accepted norms, beliefs, ideas, reaction and behavior patterns into genuine and authentic self-expression – in so doing (re-)discovering what it means to live fully, in honor of ourselves and our children – equally as one. Family is the cornerstone of society, the base unit we all emerge from. By challenging and changing ourselves and how we parent our kids, we can set into motion a new paradigm of living that will ripple out through time and space. Our parenting style is an extension of the personal process of self-investigation, self-exploration, self-understanding and self-creation that we have walked for the past 10 years. Tools such as journaling, self-forgiveness, self-corrective statements, bringing points back to self, redefining and living words, … have become second nature in our daily living. Our parenting style is then not geared towards specific actions – but is instead founded within principled living. Our actions flow from the question we ask ourselves: Who am I in relation to this challenge, opportunity, event or problem – and who do I want to be? What is best for everyone in this scenario? We parent through exemplifying within ourselves and our living the values we would like to see more of in the world – consideration, care, respect, creativity, dedication, joy, frankness, integrity, generosity, humbleness, courage, expressiveness, clarity, responsibility, fulfilment, stability, intimacy, support, balance, exploration, abundance, understanding, empathy, gentleness, passion, and we could go on and on. Community style living on a small farm in South Africa allows us to approximate our ideals on a small scale and to explore new (or sometimes forgotten!) ways of living. Join us in our journey, our ups and our downs as we walk to redefine parenting, motherhood, life… and everything in between.

"Be the Change you wish to see in the world." Founded by independent journalist Luke Rudkowski.

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