3D Art, animation, video games, "cosplay", memes, industrial metal and monas chinas.
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Experience Mikkel R. Karlsen's terrific show with manipulation and mind control. Maybe you've seen him guess Pernille Blume's PIN on TV2. Now you can experience him LIVE

2D/3D Artist/ Photographer

I make political, cultural, and gaming videos. I shit post, rant, and argue on twitter follow me there for video uploads and tons of fun!

Swiss Activities is the largest Swiss leisure activities platform in Switzerland. We build a platform where guests from Switzerland and abroad can find, book and manage their leisure activities.

I'm new to minds!:)

electronic music television. awakening happiness ✋🏻 🌏 ✋🏿 #universalmind #together #letsbeatasone

Hello!! My name is Sierra and I have the honor to help BadAdventurer aka @Demfraz and @MarnicArt in their journey for create a Video game. I can't wait to learn much more on this wonderful adventure!

3d artist who uses blender. I'll use this blog to post art and chat with people. Currently the only other platform I'm on is pillowfort Twitter escapee.

59 and single, retired army, nudity, world news, politics, nutrition, world trends, economics, social trends, democratic socialist, democratize the world, geopolitics, traveler, seafood, beach towns, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, coffee, classic rock, bluegrass, soft rock, disco, funk, folk rock, classic country, pop, love sex, porn, Buddhism, New Age Thought, Universal Thought, global in all aspect, pro immigration, open but regulated borders, anti Law Inc, anti private prisons, anti abortion, anti evangelical, free thought, free spirit, free world market, no subsidized markets, anti nationalist, Buddhism, New Age Thought, Universal Unitarian, anti evangelical, girls, block chain, hippy thought. legalize drugs, karaoke, strip joints, foreign girls, women are the caretakers of our children our future, advocacy for the homeless, drifter, karaoke, classic rock, greyhound traveler, lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way, never become fanatical about nothing, learn from the past, live for today, and plan your future according to your past in which you have learned, which God....there are too many, and they keep multiplying. Would like travel or live in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Bangladesh, India.

The Rainforest
Oct 2019
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