Only YAUH is sovereign
Drug addict trying not to be. Poems because it's better than nothing.
Cartoon artist, religious, conservative, idealist, introvert
Blog writer and Graphics design, My love in my camera and PC/PEN that means Photography......
Independent researcher. Have contributed to the presidents committee on election integrity, various youtubers and journalists, and the 9/11 lawyers committee
Tienda de ropa de trabajo
Illustration - graphic design - logo and band artwork Entertaining the world with tunes, some laughter and some words of wisdom ( at least, if I manage to find them...). Draftsman of short comic strip sories, illustrations, band artwork. Advocating for firearms, weapons in general, libertarian-ancap-anarchomonarchist ideas, systems theory, upgrading economics to a hard science by integrating the hard sciences, beer and grilled meat.
CEO of my own company Blue Divine Ltd and founder of NoBu Association I love this life, it’s full of bad things but is funny to fight them. I born in Geemany and grown in Italy (Sicily and North Italy). I worked for nine years for Lamborghini Pre Series Center as Analyst and Problem Solver. Since 2015 I’m in London and I worked for Globe-Trotter Ltd as Responsible of preparation section. In may they fired me after many discriminations and bullying. Now I’m waiting to go to the employment tribunal on February 2020. I’m autistic (Asperger Syndrome) and gay. I’m proud of myself.
Jul 2019
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