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Knowledge is Free, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not Forgive, We do not Forget, Expect Us! Trusted Channels: @govspiders @anonymity @ottman //This channel is merely the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and suggestions of the ones running it. We will share information, post questions, and indulge in some discussions. This channel is not an "official" Anonymous channel, we are not leaders, you do not "join" us, and we do not control nor give orders. As none of that is possible and we have no interest in it. We are just few amongst millions who support Anonymous and fellow Anons. Thank you!\\

Running from Twitter witch hunts.

Welcome to USA Conservative where conservative values are learned and liberal nonsense is shunned. Join us on our journey to Make America Great Again!

Yellow Safety Vests can be purchased at IKEA for $5.99 Kmart sucks........ Member of the Salty Army

Our Kek who art in memetics, Hallowed by thy memes Thy Trumpdom come Thy will be done In real life as it is on /pol/ Give us this day our daily dubs And forgive us of our baiting As we forgive those who bait against us And lead us not into cuckoldry, But deliver us from shills For thine is the memetic kingdom, and the shitposting, and the winning, for ever and ever. Praise KEK

Sep 2019
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