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Top Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

serinasandeliusOct 29, 2018, 5:04:37 AM

When one is out to purchase a waterjet cutter, it is essential to identify that there are two methods of waterjet cutting that exist. One can choose between using abrasive and pure waterjet cutting. For the manufacturers who aim at utilizing the waterjet cutter to cut soft materials such as foam and paper, the best cutting method is pure water jet metal cutting, and in this method solely depends on water stream to cut. On the other hand, when one is out to cut hard items such as metal, it is advisable that they utilize abrasive waterjet cutting. In abrasive waterjet cutting, a granular is added to the water stream, and the purpose of the granular is to accelerate the power of the cutting stream. Read on as we define some of the benefits of waterjet cutting technology.

Whether one is new in the field of manufacturing or you are already in the industry, it is essential that you learn the benefits of waterjet technology. One will experience numerous benefits if they choose waterjet cutting over other methods such as flame, plasma, and laser cutting. In our article, we will determine some of the reasons why you need to consider waterjet cutting technology.

The number reason why one needs to consider waterjet cutting is the fact that you will enjoy the versatility. One can cut almost any material with the use of a waterjet cutter. Whether you manufacture plastics, glass, stone or rock, rubber, and ceramics, it is possible to cut them using the waterjet cutting technology. If you are out to determine the best method to cut metals, it is advisable that you select metal waterjet cutting technology. The addition of a granular abrasive makes it possible for one to cut metals with a thickness of up to 200mm.

Another reason why one needs to consider waterjet cutting over other methods is that there is no heat affected zone when one uses this method since it uses its cold cutting method. Cold cutting is significant, not only because of its ability to enhance clean cuts but also because it increases the safety of the operator by eliminating the risk of burns. The fact that waterjet cutting will involve cold cutting means that heat exposure is bypassed and this makes the method suitable for cutting metals. If you are looking for accuracy, waterjet cutting is the best option as there are no cases of metal distortion.  Learn more about more about  waterjet cutting.

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