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Kakao K Pop Group Chat Sex Scandal explained

SeoulzJun 27, 2019, 8:19:31 AM

A woman was drinking with some male K Pop singers...she blacked out.  The she woke up in bed next to K Pop singer Choi Jong-hoon next to her.  Then she went home.  Some time later news broke of the release of messages from a group chat comprised of K Pop male singers.  

Once reading the text messages between the guys in the chat room, the woman was convinced it was her they were talking about.  

What were they talking about?  A girl being gang-raped by five men, including Choi and another K Pop singer named Jung Joon-young who she had known for over 6 years.  

The group chat also had sex videos that were uploaded by the members in the group.  Some of the girls appear to be unconsious.  

Here is a transcript of the Kakao group chat.  

Jung:  I slept with OO.  (OO appears to be the women)

Kim1:  Do you have the video? 

Jung:  (Sex Video uploaded)  I did her at a shopping center.  I am such garbage.  

Lee:  Enjoy while you can. 

Kim2:  Your house? 

Jung:  Yes....Didn't I send the video? 

Kim2:  You did.

Jung:  I was caught filming and sending you the video. Haha

Yong:  By the woman? 

Jung:  Yes.  Haha Geez.  If I wasn't caught I would have dated her and did her.

Kim1:  Haha

December 1, 2015

Jung:  Wow, she.....(too graphic to translate)

Kim1:  Did you do it?  Got any clip?

Jung:  (Uploads the sex act video)

December 14, 2015

Lee:  What a boner!

Jung:  I will send you the video.

Lee:  Haha

December 23, 2015

Kim1:  Tell me how you liked it.  Video please!

Jung:  Will try.

December 25, 2015

Jung:  Take the photo with the silencer on.  Let's record it. 

Kim1:  I am done.  I recorded it.  (Kim sends a the sex picture)

Jung:  Didn't get naked? 

Kim1:  Sending yours now.

Jung:  Fucking embarrassing.

December 26, 2015

Lee:  Let me see the video.  Quick!

Jung:  I didn't film it. 

January 1st, 2016

Jung:  Let's all get together online, hit the strip bar and rape in the car.

Huh: Haha

Park:  We already do that in reality.

Choi:  That's true.

Park:  It's just like a movie.  Think about it just for 5 minutes.  We would all go to jail except we didn't kill anyone. 

February 28, 2016

Jung:  (Uploads Sex Video) 

Lee:  Who's that?  Haha

Jung:  I did her at the mall the minute I saw her.  

Lee:  That's funny.  You're one piece of work. 

March 11, 2016

Park:  I'll probably get drunk and send you a 3-second clip.

Kwon:  Yummy.

Park:  I gave her sleeping pills and did her.  

Jung:  Haha!

March 22, 2016

Park:  They say stockings should be ripped from the middle.  haha.

Jung:  Haha.  I will send you my video.

April 17, 2016

Kim:  Anybody want porn?  

Choi:  Me! 

Kim1:  (Uploads Sex Video)

Choi:  Wait. Did she faint? 

Kim1:  So what?

Choi:  I want to see her alive in the video. 

Kim1:  Then I couldn't have turned on the flash.  

Jung:  You raped her.  haha

5 members from this group chat are now facing charges of rape.  Will keep the Minds.com community posted.