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Benefits of Hiring an Indian Link Building Company

seonewindiaApr 25, 2019, 10:38:06 AM

What needs more attention- organic traffic or better ranking? Well, both of them walk hand in hand to help website win in the long run. For maximizing organic traffic and achieving better ranking, businesses work on creating the most reliable and quality content and use useful anchor text phrases that ultimately helps in link building campaigns. Link building is a conducive part of overall online marketing and interconnects with content marketing to produce extensive search engine results. The process of link building involves the acquisition of links from an authorized web page to the one’s own website, thus, helping the users to navigate between various webpages on the internet.

Link building company in India believes that it is the hardest part of search engine optimization and requires great skills, experience, time, and efforts. But these investments in an Indian link building company can help businesses achieve the highest ranking on the search engine result page and hefty returns in the long run. Here are the benefits of hiring an Indian link building company.

1- Domain and page authority- Google determines which web page befits certain query on the basis of the quality and quantity of inbound links to the page. One way to measure this is page authority. Besides, domain authority ascertains the quality and quantity of links as a whole where a higher domain authority ensures the higher ranking of the web page for a relevant query. Therefore, link building companies assure a large number of quality links directing to their client’s domain.

2- Referral traffic- Referral traffic a website receives through link building is far more than the traffic earned from higher rankings.When an internet user lands on a web page and wants to visit the business website to know more about products and services it offers, Indian link building companies make that easier for them by adding links on the web page that directs the readers to the website.

3- Free advertising- More visibility is good for the brand building which is made possible by various publishing sources. Guest post publishing sources welcome fresh and up-to-date content and are like new outlets for the businesses to expose readers to their brand. These sources provide businesses with free advertising and free shout-out to the audience who may not have accessed before.

4- Syndication boost- Over time, businesses establish a relationship with several external sources and share their content along with their own to reap syndication benefits. Link building companies also indulge in sharing the material of external sources while those external sources share the freshly brewed content of the clients of link building company which greatly increases the overall reach of the content.

5- Greater competitive edge- There exist several tools that help in determining what link points to where. Link building companies use such tools to ascertain the link building strategy of their client’s competitors. They get into details of strategic competitor analysis and use some of their sources to acquire links of their clients.

For an Indian link building company what really matters is framing links in good, valuable, and relevant content, and keeping those links valuable with the internet users in mind to avoid any problem in earning a recurring and hefty return of these benefits.