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Self Defense Products: A Guide

selfdefensegear23Jul 17, 2018, 12:42:59 AM

Up to this point, it is clear that you have reached a point where there is a need to protect yourself and maybe your family from threats that may come unexpectedly. There are so many self-defense products out there from which you can choose from. All you have to do in this case is to know their uses and which one is more effective. There are a few that can be improvised from what people already have while there are some that exist for the very purpose of self-defense. Read more about Self Defense Products from Scotsman Shield. Below is a guide that should help you understand some of the different self-defense products out there hence finding which one works best for you.

Most ladies walk with their beauty stuff like lipstick, honeycomb hairbrush among others. There is self-defense product made from these female beauty products so that in as much as they could be attacked unexpectedly they could also protect themselves in ways that the attacker could never have expected. A lipstick stun gun is about five inches made in a lipstick figure. If you remove the cap everything changes since it has a flashlight with some packed with almost 3million volts. This could prove to be very useful with college students who in most cases have to take walks late in the night. It needs you to be in contact with the attacker in question, and it is made in a way that it will not damage them.

The honeycomb hairbrush has the figure of a simple round comb. But in the comb, an eight-inch dagger is concealed. The blade is weather resistant whose material is fiberglass. The fact that it looks harmless is a good thing as it could give you leverage to either escape or fight your way out of a severe attack.

You can also decide to get yourself a pepper spray which is by far the most common self-defense product in the world today. Pepper spray has Oleoresin capsicum which is inflammatory. To get more details about Self Defense Products, click scotsmanshield.com. It affects the mucous membranes in the nose, the eyes and throat by swelling them. When used it temporarily makes the attacker blind for about fifteen minutes. Compared to teargas that works almost the same way it is way faster as it uses less than two minutes. Besides that, you can also decide to purchase a teaser, a tactical pen, kubotan, slap hat, Smith and Wesson tactical pen, among many others. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-defense.