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Couples Therapy in Dubai: Why You Must Enroll

seethecounselingguideJul 30, 2019, 10:36:17 AM

When getting married, and during the wedding day, no one ever plans to divorce. It's all merry and a bed of roses is the best bet for everyone. The partners are happy and everyone around them just wants to create some happy moments. But, knee-deep in the relationship, you realize that the bed sheets aren't roses! Some people even end up in depression due to troubled marriages. Which is why I recommend that you try couples therapy at the Thrive Wellbeing Centre before things get worse.

Do not let your marriage collapse while you can salvage it. There are many troubles that you might face in your marriage life, but I want you to view them as challenges instead. A challenge is quite different from a problem or trouble, but the difference is all in your mind. Look at it this way- when it is a challenge, you are going to get through. When it is a problem, there are chances that you won’t. The work of a marriage therapist is to turn your problems into challenges that you can solve.

A challenge will be solved by the two of you. Remember, a therapist isn’t necessary a person who advises you. Instead, they make you realize who you are, and the power you have. They make you see that actually, the solution to your marriage struggles are right in you. That, you have all the solutions at the offing, inside you! But, how do you get the best couple counsellors in Dubai? Here’s how!


If you are looking for couples therapy in dubai, then you should go for the one who is a professional. Someone becomes a professional through two things- character, and education. In terms of education, they should be well learned in psychology. They should be able to understand your situation and help you find a scientific solution to everything you’re facing. At least, they should be well experienced in human behavior analysis, and that comes if they have a good educational resume.

Second, for a counsellor to be a professional, they need to be of great character. Think about this: the Dubai couple therapist is going to hear some of your darkest secrets, and you certainly need them to remain that way- secrets! Not everyone is capable of keeping a secret, truth be told. So, you need someone who has the obligation to do that. They should be trustworthy and secretive. If you need a couples therapy in Dubai, see this service for more info. To know more about couples therapy, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Couples_therapy.