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Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

seethebestmedicalequipmentAug 28, 2019, 1:35:38 PM

Buying portable oxygen concentrator for the first time might be a challenge to many people. One has to know how it functions and the features one should look for before they settle for any portable oxygen concentrator. There are multiple brands in the industry, which means one has many options to choose from, which makes the process more overwhelming. Find out more about oxygen machines at https://sprylyfe.com/products/inogen-one-g4.

A portable oxygen concentrator is a device which is meant to separate oxygen from nitrogen. These devices assist people who have breathing problems because they deliver pure oxygen through compression of the air to eliminate the nitrogen part of it. One should learn about basic parts of the portable oxygen concentrator like the compressor, which is the main part as it compresses the air to make it easy to filter out the nitrogen. There are sieved bed filters whose main work is to remove the nitrogen in the air and finally a nasal cannula which is used to deliver pure oxygen to the users. Having such knowledge about the portable oxygen compressor gives you the courage to ask as many questions as possible whenever you are buying the compressor.

Prescription and recommendations from your physician should come first when one is choosing a portable oxygen concentrator. Your doctor knows how much oxygen you need at certain intervals, knows the state of your health and therefore, they can recommend the portable oxygen concentrator which can meet your needs without compromising your health. For instance, some people might need continuous dose while as others require pulse dose. At the same time, a patient might need more litters of oxygen per minute, which is not the case with others. Such prescriptions should be gotten from your primary doctor. See more bout the best oxygen machines here.

Check the maintenance services needed for the concentrator to work as expected. Ask about the cleaning materials one should use to clean the concentrator. You should, therefore, ask for a user manual it provides such instructions. Avoid the complicated concentrators which require special cleaning services as it might be expensive to maintain.

Consider the battery life of your concentrator. If you are always traveling, make sure that the concentrator has longer battery life. You can also buy the portable oxygen concentrators, which are rechargeable and come with an external battery. The battery life of your concentrator depends on the usage.

Go for the right size. The larger the concentrator, the heavier it is. Get a portable oxygen concentrator, which is suitable for you and your travel plans. For more information, click on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_oxygen_concentrator.