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The Importance of Bypass Kits for Your Trucks and SUVs

secondaryairinjectionJan 9, 2019, 4:15:31 AM

There are stores offering injection system bypass kits. As owners of trucks and SUVs, one should understand the importance of these kits for the maintenance of your vehicles. These kits provide a cost effective solution for the common prone of trucks and SUVs to fail in their secondary air injection system. With these bypass kits, several trouble codes that could happen to your trucks or SUVs can be prevented, like mechanical failure of the secondary air pump or secondary air valve that would cost you around $2000 to $4000 on repairs. Although these kits are not the fix all solution, it will do you good to know basics about the features and importance of these kits. Open this site to learn more: https://hewitt-tech.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=44.

There are several questions and concerns that vehicle owners, especially diesel owners that lead to the increasing need for supplemental filtration on their diesel trucks or SUVs. In this article, let us give a brief background about the subject. First is to understand why bypass oil filtration should be used especially wear is a continual threat to the life and performance of an engine. Note that the wear of your engine is caused by particles of dirt naturally being suspended in the oil. These particles which may go to 5-20 micron size would cause the most damaging factor to your engine. Thus having a bypass filtering would be the ideal tool to remove these soot particles of these sizes.

Note that diesel engine manufacturers nowadays are increasing the cooled exhaust gas recirculation, thus leading truck engines being subjected to higher levels of soot and acid that will be pumped back to the engine. This would cause an increasing wear, oil viscosity and would shorten the drain intervals as more contaminants are met. Even older diesel trucks need bypass filter protection since these have engines that have the tendency to blow compression gases into the crankcase. Thus as the mileage of these trucks go higher, an added protection through bypass would be needed same as the newer engines.

With a SAIS bypass kit, there will be an addition of 2-3 quarts amount of oil to circulate thus allowing more cooling of the engine. With cleaner oil, there is a less thickening and lower formation of sludge and deposits on the engine parts. To briefly enumerate, some of the benefits of bypass are your engine will have a greater extension of oil drain interval, there will be an improved oil cooling in the engine, there will be an improvement by 5% of your fuel economy, small particles and soot will be efficiently removed thus extending significantly the life of your engine, and so on.

Open this page to learn more about air injection systems: https://www.britannica.com/technology/air-conditioning.