I'm going to buy more guns today

thanks for confirming it has nothing to do with "gender", senile homo

Important reminder! that a lot of these people are in government and want you defenseless.

If you got to ask why do we need guns, then you are truly lost.

Handmade bling for days 💎

Thanks @lesleesheu for supplying the reef with @dannica 's "Arbour Hollows" handmade jewellery. Without occasion, excessively worn bling will help Tomas' crew exhibit their undeniable superiority over local mackerel. That fish is only good at being everyone's food. #tomasthekraken #starshatter #neutronboar #arbourhollows🦑

Violence is caused by a lack of education.

Celebrities rushing to Texas to be photographed visiting the memorial of 20 dead children are fucking ghouls. I don't know why anyone gives a fuck about this loser Meghan Markle but this shit is disgusting.

I've been in the UK for 3 weeks and have seen more Ukrainian flags than British flags.