Can’t wait to see the @axios article on this. Hope they include my comment!


Is it important to diversify the media outlets where you get your news? We spoke to someone on the left and the right to get their opinions on listening to "both sides".

It appears that Liz Cheney, one of the GOP's chief warmongers, is about to lose. This is good news for every American regardless of party.
The USA has way too many alphabet agencies and a severely bloated federal government. People talk about 'small government' but it just grows and grows under every president. Thousands of fake, unnecessary, bureaucratic jobs.

Only a matter of time since it will get really really bad!


The Pumpkin Spice Witch

It's still Summer but beware the #PumpkinSpice #Witch who is already out there blasting her flavor into everything!!! #Art #traditionalart #watercolor

Fourth World country.

haha fucking cope