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We Are Change
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We live in an era where you are more likely to be canceled for saying something 'offensive' online, than you are for literally being a violent criminal or sexually grooming children.

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Tulsi Gabbard
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It鈥檚 time for all good FBI agents to stand against any superior who鈥檚 abusing their power to target political opponents. Follow Friend鈥檚 example who put aside self-interest for our democracy. Every FBI/law enforcement officer鈥檚 loyalty must be to the Constitution/American ppl

If you are not on Minds or other alternative sites, you are only receiving news filtered by government and mainstream media censors. Good luck to you! 馃槈 #freespeech

James Lindsay
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ESG is a cartel.

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The FBI found and arrested a 17 year old kid for hacking a stupid video game in about 72 hours. We are days from the 5 year anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. 60 People were killed and over 400 were wounded. We know nothing.

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Xi Jinping just had multiple senior CCP officials sentenced to death who opposed him. Lot of people falling for CIA gray propaganda he was arrested. Be smart!

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