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My name is Sean Jeffrey Gugerty. My families name and their story was arbitrated in Ireland, a poor potato farming bunch of God fearing alcoholics with strong family values. we survived Famine, English Slavery, wars, and we did so without a chip on our should and we made the best of it, and we still do. I probably sound like a terrorist sometimes, but know this. I fight and I am ruthless in my efforts to combat evil greedy men, and big soulless corporations. I love people! I will kill for you America! I will die for you America! If you are hungry at my table you may sit and I will feed you. IF you are in need of my help I will give it. My friendship is not for sale, if I choose to give it to you, its yours and no one else can take the respect I have for you with their words or their currencies and commodities. This is my home, and I will not allow it to be shat upon and the people be abused any longer! God Bless the USA!
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John Ottman Co-founder Minds, Inc.

CAPM by day, Hobbyist DJ by night Techno - Psytrance Old Dubstep days Bitchute Channel

Anti Philosopher. ----------------------------------------------------- If you don't have a patience, don't count on reply because I am often absent.

Not interested in Crypto!!....Husband of 1 wife for nearly 4 decades, father, grandfather and Living my best life possible in the land of my ancestors in Hawaii ... *Again...Not interested in crypto!!.. so please don’t message me about it!

I've got no strings to hold me down to make me fret, or make me frown I had strings, but now I'm free There are no strings on me!

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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? If It Wasn't For Those Damn Whelks! Otaku Memes Moar Than Programming Tutorials GIthub

Musician, Producer, Production Sound Engineer.

Here I Have A Lot Of Christian Related Stuff: Encouragement, Advice, Prayer, Church, Memes, Stories, Etc.

Explorer of nature. Finder of stillness. Photographer. All photos © @aloneinthewoods Upvote, remind & subscribe! To all my supporters, Thank You! Visit me on Minds: Visit me on Steemit: Visit me on Instagram: PayPal donation:

FIBER-MART based in Hong Kong & U.S., a worldwide leading supplier in a fiber-optic network, FTTx, fiber cabling & connectivity, fiber testing, fiber splicing, fiber polishing & integrated network solutions. Devoting on the research & development, design, manufacture, and fiber connectivity network solutions for carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks, has always engaged in high-performance and innovation.

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Mar 2018
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