Lollipop DREams馃嵀

Deus ex machina. Be open to destiny.

My account Children of Thoth =@larevolutionestenmarche was mistakenly banned from #MINDS and then restored with only 1/8 of its previous subscribers without possibility of taking back even a part of them...

Stock Investor: TSLA, APPLE, BNGO, NIO, XPENG, Crypto Investor: BTC, ETH, ADA, DOGE, BTT, XRP

Stay-at-Home dad. Story teller. Gamer. Believer in free speech. Ceterum autem censeo Pii Valle esse delendam.

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Hey, I'm white and orange (very unpopular right now), about 1'5 (ear to paw), and all Feline. I am available for photoshoots (nude only, no fashion) and modeling. I am also interested in adverts and video/film (DM me for hourly/daily rates... starting at four/six figures respectively). I will not work with dogs or politicians (both tend to leave me puffy...). I'm also involved in a serious relationship with the bunny across the street, so... no, I'm not into you and no, I won't do private parties.

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Because well-behaved women seldom make history, that's why! Voluntaryist, Austrian Economic Thinker, Smartass and Occasional Shit-stirring stick. Happily married! Pervs in my DMs get blocked.

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X-Man = ex-military, ironworker, husband, homeless, welder, addict, convict, rodbuster, traveler, programmer, college student. All materials contained herein are protected by the American Fair Use Act. My page is an "Art Imitates Life" theme. Enjoy!

T么i y锚u thi锚n nhi锚n, thi虂ch 芒m nha蹋c, du li蹋ch, 芒虊m th瓢蹋c va虁 gia 膽i虁nh. S峄憂g 膽啤n gi岷 cho 膽峄漣 thanh th岷

May 2021
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