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Wishing The World Was Perfect Doesn't Make It So

Scott CunninghamJun 16, 2019, 1:09:32 AM

We need to take precautions and be accountable to our individual responsibility. Too many people hold the attitude now of “don’t tell me to look both ways before crossing the road, tell cars not to hit me.” This is the attitude of rejecting all personal responsibility and putting that on the shoulders of the entire collective which isn’t possible. It’s like saying I should be allowed to litter, but I demand that society at large keep everything perfectly clean, it’s counter-intuitive and if everyone follows that mantra, then it won’t be clean and if we enforce more that it falls to the collective to deal with, it will end up as an environmental cleanup tax that we all pay.

There is no way to void personal responsibility and not give up freedoms to an authority to deal with it instead. This is what always happens when you try to force that the collective is enforced while the individual reigns supreme.

This only lasts so long when the individual has eventually given up all their freedoms and realize that they are not caught in the traps they laid out and have no way out. The movement that we don’t need to take responsibility for what happens to us or that we shouldn’t need to show caution to what environments we subject ourselves to and to how we ensure our safety and security is absurd and dangerous. Wishing the world was perfect simply doesn’t make it so. There is a percentage of society that will be criminals, pedophiles, psychopaths, and more.

Wishing for a better world and or hiding the things we don’t like and pretending they don’t exist really just allows the problems to fester so that we would eventually need to rely on someone else to fix it who may manipulate that reliance rather than learning to deal with them ourselves.

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