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Why You Should Surround Yourself With Hard Truth Tellers

Scott CunninghamFeb 12, 2019, 5:28:14 AM

I recently made a video about surrounding yourself with people who support your passion and why that's important and two days ago I did a video on growth mindset versus fixed mindset. This is a follow up to both of those and sort of the missing link because while it's important to learn how to handle negative sentiment from those close to you also still need to be aware of the hard truths they will tell you and be sure not to punish them for giving you the information you need to improve because we want to strive for a growth mindset always. I talk about why I think it's critical to avoid having yes men in your circle or relying on their advice and how you can cultivate and encourage your circle to be hard truthers with you so that you can always rely on their judgement. Also by encouraging yes men, you encourage your friends and family to lie to you and subconsciously you're all probably trusting each other less and less.

Do you aim to surround yourself with hard truthers and what are some ways you keep yourself from falling into the yes man trap? Share with everyone in the comments below!


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