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Top 5 Pool Tables

scanthepooltableguideNov 27, 2018, 12:26:16 PM

There are ranges of indoor sporting activities but none has actually been able to reach where the pool has reached. Pool playing has been a culture in the west for hundreds of years and the culture has been passed on to other generation. As the days go by, there have been numerous technological advancements which have taken place and slowly the game of pool is losing players to activities such as poker. Over time though, the game of pool has really evolved and people are really investing into pool tables not only for the sporting purposes but also as a form of indoor decor. Pool table manufacturers such as ParentsNeed have really put their efforts and time to produce exquisite pieces of out from incredible material that is costing buyers quite a fortune. The following are the top 5 pool tables.

The Olhausen Huntington Pool Table tops the list of the top 5 pool tables globally. The company is known to produce the ideal pool table and any good and exotic pool player can attest to this. They manufacture a range of pool tables ranging from a different line and different pool table models. These pool tables also come in different sizes and customization but have one thing in common which is quality. Olhausen Huntington Pool Table is entirely handcrafted from beginning to end from solid hardwood except from three models which are made of aluminum.

At the second place is the Brunswick Bridgeport Pool Table. The Brunswick Company has been producing quality and exquisite pool table since the 19th century and is still at it if not getting better. The pool table is made from solid hardwood too but the makers are not too particular on the type of wood they use to produce this pool table. The table boasts of an old school touch but with a very modern look and is actually pricey compared to the Olhausen Huntington pool table. The company also has a lifetime warranty plan for this pool table.

Coming third is the Connelly Billiards Catalina Pool Table. The table boast of tightly fitting pockets and a heavy and complicated body make which has a lot of hassle installing and requires the services of a pro to actually do it at the time even from the company itself. The pool table is of American origin and is crafted from solid wood and in specific very hard exotic wood.

In the fourth position is the Imperial pool table which at times has an extension name of the Westwood. This pool table is relatively cheaper compared to the above models but has the advantage of being able to survive wear for longer compared to the above brands and models.

Closing the list of good and quality pool tables is the Mizerak Donovan II 8-Foot Billiard Table. This pool table is at this possible due to its affordability compared to the rest of the models listed. The table has been able to make the list due to its great playing experience even at its price.

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