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About the project

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The project that will be discussed today is called Miracle Tele. Miracle Tele is a kind of symbiosis of structures and technologies that unites a network of more than 10 cellular operators around the world, and at the same time implements all their processes onto a chain of network blocks. All these combinations will significantly reduce the cost of all options for the provision of communication services, as well as expanding the boundaries possible as international calls, their confidentiality, transparency, and low cost.

Moreover, by its actions , Miracle Tele not only does not hinder the development of the entire telecommunications market, but also will push it to develop in a new direction. After all, Miracle Tele will simultaneously develop in more than 160 countries, which will allow it to reach almost 1 billion subscribers throughout. And this is only the beginning, given the rapid growth rates of all technological processes in society.

The new blockchain application appears every day. Many companies are now considering implementing it and utilizing all the benefits it carries. Blockchain is one of the new technologies that handles peer to peer data connections and provides an open and decentralized network to use. Supported by consensus algorithms, each party involved gets a fair distribution and secure transactions. Simply put, the blockchain application spreads like wildfire among established industrial markets.

Starting with a simple cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, it has now evolved to a new level. Industries such as banking, health services, insurance, supply chains and telecommunications can improve their efficiency by using this new technology. Over the past few years, the traditional telecommunications industry has faced difficult times due to the commoditization of services and consequently lower levels of income and profitability. To address customer needs for a new era, improvement is a must.

To compete better with other companies and to increase overall income, it is necessary to use any new technology. Thus, this sector is on the verge of major reforms, moving slowly towards total digitalization and virtualization. That is why adding a blockchain to the whole scheme can open the door to opportunities in the future.

Today, most cellular operators around the world give their customers only postpaid packages under a 12 or 24 month contract with strict terms, which often include unlimited national calls and traffic, but still do not offer clients good cheap international roaming or value-added services. . In its research called The Future of Mobile Communications1, the GSMA claims that in the near future customers will expect cellular operators to introduce more new features related to advanced communication tools based on Rich Communications Services (RCS) and Voice-technology over-LTE (VoLTE) .

As technology and the world progresses increasingly globally, people no longer view their mobile as a communication tool. And they expect cellular operators to follow the same path by making their processes simpler and more transparent and offering additional and more sophisticated services that often have nothing to do with telecommunications. Being a pioneer in providing the best solutions that will integrate advanced telco features together with fintech devices, Miracle Tele will set new standards in the cellular telecommunications industry to become more competitive and innovative. The Miracle Tele blockchain will function as a cellular and airtime data market and connect hundreds of thousands of customers with dozens of local cellular operators that provide cheaper and high-quality services.

The magic of Teleblockchain will be built using Ethereum based solutions such as Plasma and Sharding technology or the Graphene protocol. This will enable a large increase in transaction scalability and throughput and result in almost no transaction costs, transaction approval times and energy consumption when compared to the standard Bitcoin or blockchain Ethereum blockchain. The tokenization of company assets, which are virtual but tangible resources such as cellular traffic and airtime, will ensure the growth of the value of stable TELE tokens and protect them from market shocks and shocks and allow us to issue prepaid debit cards that will support both TELE and other cryptocurrency tokens and will be available for use throughout the world.


The topic of our conversation today will be cellular communications and its problems, as well as innovative solutions and growth prospects. But until I get too far ahead and try to spread out to you a number of negative points that almost every cellular network user faces.

1. From year to year we notice that the cost of telecommunication and cellular services is constantly growing;

2. We are very often forced to overpay for those additional options that we rarely use or do not use at all, but they are mandatory, so we pay for them;

3. The market of cellular operators appears to us as a monopoly structure, therefore, it dictates its own rules with which we have to put up;

4. And the cost of international calls is the most expensive of all existing functions of a mobile operator. What does not matter what country you are a subscriber.

To solve this injustice can be quite easy. All that needs to be done is to modify the existing system with additional technologies, after which it will become as convenient and accessible as possible in all corners of our planet. Which, in principle, was done by one very powerful professional team that developed a completely and unusual new project.

Project Features

As you already understood, Miracle Tele will appear before us in a slightly different form, not the more traditional one that we are all used to. With the help of its wireless network, Miracle Tele intends to provide us, as a cellular subscriber, with more profitable and high-quality services than traditional cellular operators. Why is that? And how is this possible, because some of the operations will be directly connected with the largest mobile operators in the world.

I will try to explain everything to you now:

1. It is not by chance that Miracle Tele intends to use the existing infrastructures of other major operators, while reducing the lion's share of its expenses;

2. This savings will allow you to focus on the quality of the services delivered to your customers, as well as develop your own marketing and development strategy;

3. Miracle Tele will allocate a whole channel of on-air communication so that users within the “operator” can not only exchange data, text messages and incoming / outgoing calls, but also exchange crypto coins.


As for the benefits, there are a lot of them and the first thing that I would like to point out is that Miracle Tele is an officially registered company that has all the necessary license certificates for its activities. Moreover, Miracle Tele is the first of its kind telecommunications project supporting such a format and developed with the support of modern technology blockchain. Also, the advantages can be easily attributed to his entire loyalty system to customers, which is aimed at maintaining and helping all subscribers of the Miracle Tele network. At the same time, Miracle Teleready to offer improved quality of system interaction with its subscriber and a simplified registration system in the telecommunication network. As well as provide cheap communication and international roaming of 0.2 EUR in more than 160 countries of the world.

ICO Information


Conclusion Miracle Tele

Our sentiments about this organization are seen as positive. Telecommunications organizations currently offer terrible administration at high costs, this is an ideal opportunity for new choices to emerge and ultimately get their place and we believe that Miracle Tele has the opportunity to become an artist who has the appropriate performance in this progress procedure.

For More Information:

WEBSITE: https://miracletele.com

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/miracletelecom

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