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I Won't Be Silenced! #Veteran #MAGA #PROGUN #PROBACON #ProAmerica #IFBAP... If You're Easily Offended, Let Me Know So I Can Poke Fun At You! Visit My Store At get something awesome for you and a friend! #ifbap #maga #ultramaga #usa #kag #fjb #lgb #lgbfjb #fjblgb Subscribe To My #YouTube Channel At: THE FOUR TRUTHS I KNOW! 1. THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS. 2. WIVES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, EVEN WHEN THEY AREN'T. 3. #FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. 4. THE SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTS THE OTHERS AND WILL 馃毇 NOT 馃毇 BE INFRINGED. OH, And Biden (Brandon), Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and "Cameltoe" Kamala are the disease infecting America. And liberals are idiots. #secondAmendment #prolife #progun #freedomofspeach

Nihilistic and embracing every bit of it. Not just a survival mechanism but it feeds my inner grumpy bastard. And there's food aplenty here in clown world, joined in 2020. #MAGA #MakeArdernGoAway #NewConservatives

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Biography: Age: 30 - 37 Male To reach me privately for advice on anything you think i might be of help with based on my bio below,contact me at - [email protected] Encrypted email from my end, though you can use any email to reach me, and if you want i can encrypt our back and forth providing you with a unique key for just our emails,or how to create your own encrypted email account which is ironically easuer than making a gmail or similiar email account. My prior work and some that i still do,or consult on: Ex- Private Security; Close Protection/VIP Site Security/Venue Security Advance Planning - Routes,People,Places Advance Site Security Evaluation Political Event/Speaker High Threat Security Sales of protective gear and covert ballistic,anti slash and anti stab gear,clothing,vests,shirts,pants,jackets,gloves etc. Current: Civilian,Self-employed. Looking to master Cyber Security,among many other things. If you have come this far,let me offer you some advice from the most famous Prosecutor,attorney and supreme court justice of the united states whom also presided over the Nuremburg trials. "In no uncertain terms should you ever,for any reason ,ever speak to the police. Especially if you are innocent. Any lawyer worth his salt will instruct his client to never, ever, for any reason and under no exception, to ever speak to the police". Stay safe and keep educating yourselves, knowledge is not just power, but safety.

Greetings, friend! I am Sir Persevere, a nerdy knight who has much to say on the happenings in pop culture as of late.

YOU ARE HERE TO WAKE UP 饾檱饾櫄饾檹 饾樇饾櫋饾櫋 饾檧饾櫘饾櫄饾櫒 饾檸饾櫄饾櫄馃憖 馃З岽吷瘁磤 岽岽勧礇瑟岽犪磤岽涐磸蕗馃敟馃挮 馃З岽囜磤蕗岽浭 岽嬦磭岽囜礃岽囀馃寧 馃Зh膿喔刲th馃 馃З釓曖幍釒メ彃釒ハ畊釙闭帴袭釒 馃З釒燛釒滇彃跃g釓掅暠醿濁儩釒ム笭g 馃З釓扙釒滇彃跃g釓掅暠醿濁儩釒ム笭g

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