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About the author. I am 35 years old and for the last 9 years I have researched the following subjects: archaeology, biblical archaeology palaeoanthropology, geology, cosmology, ancient history, recent history, paranormal, demonology, cryptozoology, ufology, secret societies, the occult, ancient technologies, future technologies, genetics, religions, myths, extra-terrestrials, psychology, military operations, and pretty much anything that pertains to understanding this reality. I do not know everything about all these subjects above as there are vast amount of information within each subject heading. As you can see from that list many of the key principles of these subjects are not incorporated into the mainstream theories. In fact when one studies this amount all you will find is continual cover-ups through time in every single subject. That over the decades this evidence has undoubtedly been enough to completely change all major theories about this place we call earth towards a biblical narrative. I was born into an atheistic family and its only passion for knowledge that has brought me to understand that we live in the time of the great deception. Unfortunately there is much more they plan to deceive you further which is why you need to see reality for what it is rather than what you think it to be in order to save your soul. This choice is up to the individual to see morally what is going on in the world, who is doing it and why. Its only when you realize that they are trying to emulate the creation itself that you begin to understand the motives of all the evil around the world. There still is time for you to decide which side of the line you stand on but just know that your morals and perception is everything. My recent observational landscape research shows us that they have lied to us all about the geological past and it's governing principles of time. This visual evidence supports the notion however strange and incredible to comprehended for the Time of the Titans, The time of the Giants and the time of Man. For those with eyes to see creation is very clear but is very hard to explain. I had a major life changing experience and it is this that actually relates to my further inquire about reality itself. The Galactic Federation spoke to me through a psychic and said that they want me. This experience was followed by an encounter with a orange UFO 3 days later which was the closest I have ever seen one before. Oddly enough, the psychic even expressed that day on the phone that me and another would see something that night. It seems to me as if they came to say hello but they obviously didn't travel millions of light years to do that which means that they have a bases here on earth. The creator gods have been more synonymous with the mountains and underground bases then they have ever been with space. Are they the annunaki gods? Please subscribe if you want to see the truth with your eyes as it can show you that "they" the secret societies and the Catholic church have been lying to you from birth.

I started my journey to finding truth a couple of years ago. A little late to the party, I know, but at least I made it! I try to give as many upvotes as I can, but sadly I don't have as much time to spend here as I used to. I will do as much as I can with the time I have. Just because I give you an up vote doesn't mean I agree with you. It's simply a thank you for taking your valuable time to vote or comment. :) I often post things that are controversial. The point in doing so is to start a conversation. I don't necessarily agree with everything I post, but it's easy to see I am a conservative and most of my posts are also.

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Captain of clusterfuckery. Pro memes. Pro shitposting. Pro free speech.

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The Queen of Political Meme… ++++++++ Also Majored In…. Posting Posts to strengthen American Resolve to Appreciate the Freedoms Passed on to them by the Wisdom of the founding fathers of the American Revolution. I truly believe that the insight that it took to write the Constitution and Bill of Rights were as monumental as …… The wisdom of when the lord passed down the 10 commandments to Moses on Mt Sinai. The Blue Print of Morals & Beliefs in 1 God . . Conservative Analysts, Constitutionalist, European & American hardly an extremest. I don’t condone Racism, nor do I condone radical religious extremism. I’m a religious catholic with a extensive education in the gospel.Served my country 6 years- Reserves presently. ....I majored in computer science, I minored in political science, it’s my passion. Politics, regardless of its corruption is fascinating. I Like to cover politics and world items of interest. Which is what this blog is all about..... I find racism to be bad thing, as well as Gender discrimination. Please don’t engage me in conversation on the why’s and why’s not about any of that. Enjoy this blog, and don’t be crude on remarks you may write in response to my postings.. **********Harassing me, or those who comment on my posts, will get you Blocked & black listed ( with my followers) Which I do as a last resort. I’m just not into the Racism thing at all. Not into the Woman degradation thing at all. When I see these comments on my blog, I won’t be silent. I don’t like Israel bashing either, I’ve done pilgrimage to the holy churches in Jerusalem & the Galilee. It’s J Christ birth country. When you bash it, you’re bashing Jesus , the lord. That rises above all, you don’t have to like them, but don’t tear The Lords people… BF corporate political and financial consultant. EU- ME-USA

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Love my Prez Trump!!!!!!!!!!! Very with it :) All about facts & truth..... Not fucking FEELINGS!!!!!!!! Well...LOTS of sarcasm though :) Started here in 2015...I think LOL

Totalitarianism is a political system where the state strives to control all aspects of people's public and private life through mass surveillance, restriction of speech, state controlled media, and terrorism. This is what the corporate press and social media channels have become in America today. 🍺 🥓 🗽

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