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Birth of “The Dragon” Emerald Dragon Games·Saturday, December 16, 2017 In preparation for retirement from the military, Husband and Wife team created a trifecta of gaming for Fleming Island/ Jacksonville area. Our family enjoys many forms of gaming and wanted to provide a safe friendly environment for our neighbors here Fleming Island/ Jacksonville area. We buy, sell, and trade new and used video games along with a "try it before you buy it" center for video games. We also offer Board games, MTG, and tables for playing! We enjoy teaching new players some of our games that we carry, and some of our regular customers are great in assisting in that! We have events scheduled through out the week so check our calendar to find something you are interested in! We support local artists and display their art for sale. You can also pick up apparel, toys, and of course drinks and snacks for the hungry/ thirsty gamer. This store is made by Gamers, for Gamers. Come by and check out the gaming community we have created for ALL to enjoy!

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Peter Egan is a mid/late-30's healthcare executive, marketing and public relations specialist from south Louisiana. Hobbies include boating, fishing, weight-lifting, jogging, dogs, writing, blogging and trying to develop businesses in his spare time. Peter is an investor in Iraqi Dinar, and can help procure it for others who wish to become wealthy in the coming 60-90 days. GROUPS: FISHING HEALTHCARE FOOTBALL BASKETBALL / NBA PETER EGAN (THE GROUP) PETER EGAN - OFFICIAL SITE & BLOG

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