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What Is A Fall Arrest System

safetyequipmentbizSep 2, 2019, 5:30:42 PM

You should know that a fall arrest system is what you need to protect you and the rest of the team from falling any further from a building or somewhere that is considered to be high. There are different types of fall protection systems such as the safety swing gate that you can get for your construction site: you have the fall restraint for personal protection that will protect someone from falling that is working in a fall hazard portion of the site. With fall restraint lanyards, you will have your second chance because you will fall, but not to your death. Another kind of equipment used to guard people from falling is a fall guarding; this has saves countless of lives and it is not going to fail now.

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to searching for these fall arrest systems that will protect you and your team from falling.

You need to look for the anchorage because this is a fixed structure that will hold the rest of the equipment together.

Body wear is essential because this provides the worker a full-body harness that will be attached to the rest of the fall arrest system.

You need all of the needed components to be with you at all times because these are used to connect the anchorage to the harness.

You have to have everything ready because you will never get a second chance if you fall without these equipment with you; if you fall without wearing these things, you will be very lucky if you don't die from the fall because more or less, if you fall from a ten story building, there is a huge chance that you will be dead when you reach the ground. This is why you have to make sure that you wear the right equipment when you work in places that a fall can be deadly just to be sure you are protected enough. A fall arrest harness is your best bet in this kind of situation, never go to work without them because you will never know when a fall will happen, being safe is always better than being sorry, especially when it comes to this kind of situation. Protect your life by having fall arrest systems fir your team and the rest of the people that you work with in the construction site. You have to get them all before you start the work for the day.

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