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A Quick Guide to Fall Arrest Equipment

safetyequipmentbizSep 2, 2019, 5:31:31 PM

There are different kinds of fall arrest equipment utilized across industries. These safety equipment and products are essential to ensure the safety of workers as they do their job. You can classify harness and lanyards as part of capable fall arrest equipment. Fall protection lanyards are specifically very popular across industries and applications. They are often utilized on a worldwide scale by different workers for carrying out various tasks. Using lanyards offers endless possibilities. The best thing about this type of fall arrest equipment is that you can use it for a variety of purposes. You can use them at home or use them at work. What is most important, at the end of the day, is that you make sure to use them properly and safely. Keep in mind that your safety is still of utmost priority even if you are guaranteed protection from falls from a range of fall arrest equipment.

Many factors come into play to ensure that the fall arrest equipment you have will secure you at all times. The energy absorption capacity of your fall arrest system, for one, is a critical factor so you can be sure that your fall will be arrested in a controlled manner. When there is no presence or only little energy absorption from your fall arrest system, the fall will not be adequately arrested. As much as possible, there should be enough forces between the worker and the anchorage for proper fall arrest to take place. You have to understand these basics in fall arrest if you want to be safe and secure in using your equipment. You should not take these things for granted because your life and those around you are on the line.

Today, there are different types of fall arrest equipment in the market that you can choose. One of the most popular ones is vertical lifelines. Vertical lifelines include a fall arrest harness with a shock-absorbing lanyard and a rope that connects to an anchor above the part that descends. When all components are in place and meet standard requirements where you anchor the rope, you refer to the system as your anchorage. As the entire system will be set up, including the anchorage and rope system, you now call it your lifeline. Lifelines fit the name because if you were to fall, they help save your life and provide you with another lifeline.

There are other variants of fall arrest equipment. You can look into your options, depending on your job requirements and needs.

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