Breathe. Drink a full glass of water. Take care of yourself and then share...
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My name is Jordan and I'm from salt lake city. I'm in love with science, art, music, and anything that is wonderful and beautiful.

"I'm not a body with a soul, I'm a soul with a visible part called a body" Paulo Coelho

This channel is dedicated to watching out for our environment. An environment (biophysical) is the physical and biological factors along with their chemical interactions that affect an organism or a group of organisms. An environment (systems) refers to the surroundings of a physical system that may interact with the system by exchanging mass, energy, or other properties.

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It Seems You've Found Us... We Are Anonymity... Reporting #AnonOps Mixed With Our 💡 Unique Style 💡 Welcome To @Minds. =] After a lengthy hiatus, We are back. Positivity. Light. Love. Meditation. Recovery. With Every New Breath A New Dawn, Nay A New Day Will Remain Unknown.

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole

Ian Crossland
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Co-Founder @minds

Here for The Revolution.

Photo Edits. Ask for one! ^~^

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Salt Lake City
Jun 2015
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