Rōnin Lovell

I'm a rideshare driver pursuing an A&P (Airframe + Powerplant) license to start a career in the aviation industry. I have interest in industrial music, fighting games, and fine art.
location_onKyoto, Japan

Mostly art and homemaking Keeping it cozy

I’m a comic artists based in japan. Working in a cyberpunk style heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime. Here are my handles IG akit144 twitter akitBFPF144

Freelance illustrator, comics maker, Feministowitch, Dreams (and nightmares) weaver, Dragons tamer. Pan and freak sexual. Neurodivergent, vitiligo, and hEDS. You've been warned ;) https://linktr.ee/obsydienn

Matt McCarthy, 3D Artist, Mod author, 3d generalist.

Mister Behavior
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Anti-Oki Podcast Host. Game Design. Streaming. YouTube. Music. Twitch.Tv/Mrbehavior / YouTube.Com/LocsTakes

Renaissance Woman💄/ NFT Crypto Artist 🎨/Bitcoin Babe/ In God I Trust 🙏/ 💎👐 💥NFTs & Stickers for sale, click link to buy 💥 lynxinbio.com/9txd8

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i’m your internet friend! join me for funposting! ancient memes! animals! great opinions! gib me tokens and you get an awful rule34 shop with your avatar! don't hit on me you silly boys

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Yo. Born and raised in Rhode Island. Full time content creator (Gaming and Commentary). My opinions will probably offend you.

An incredibly random guy who's trying to do some good in this World! Former Combat Medic (Army) and PMC, now an Aerospace Engineer who cannot stand virtue signalling celebs. Heavily engaged with my own efforts in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Projects focused on promoting/supporting education, science, debate, engineering as well as Women in STEM. My outlook on life is this. We've all got problems, you, me everyone has something going on in our life. Treat me with respect and I will treat you the same way. I'm willing to discuss the difference of ideas, I'd rather discuss our difference over a brew than knock seven shades of shite out of each other, We've all got more in common than not. I don't care for what's in your bank account or what job you have, I am more interested in who you are and how you treat others. Life can be hellish at times. I am just a guy doing his own thing and trying to do some good in this life.

- PROFESSIONAL | DIGITAL ARTIST - My works focus mainly in the realm of science fiction; special interest being the cyberpunk genre, robot designs, and character concepts. Working on a comic at some point. I also Remind other artists whose works I enjoy!

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Kyoto, Japan
Oct 2019
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