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in search of truth
Passionate Heart • Owner Of Mind • Voice Actor • Film & Music Buff • Esoteric Enthusiast • Warrior In The Garden #NaturalLaw #SaveTheChildren
Shitposting weeb. I like watching sports and playing vidya. I entered Twitter Valhalla years ago for calling people retarded.
Just your average Homo sapien living in a subtropical region of the North American continent. Currently toiling as a scientist. Blah blah blah vidya games. Blah blah blah internet time-waster. Blah blah blah movies, eclectic taste in music, sci-fi and fantasy fan. Blah blah blah "Classical liberal".
Blogger at | Podcaster | Techy | Politics | Musician | Loves coffee ☕️
I am a Christian Comic book creator. Gun Ghoul is the first of my projects to be published by Dark Legion comics. I also have other titles coming out through Dark Legion comics. If you like good comics with no PC crap in it then these are the books for you. I also have a webtoon out. Please support me through my Patreon account, buying my product on Amazon, reading my webtoon, and spreading the word. God bless. #MAGA #Movetheneedle #Comicbooks #Anime #horror #darklegion #VoxDay
Hi, my hobbies include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
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Jan 2021
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