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Comic artist ~ free expression; https://www.twitch.tv/rigelworks
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Mine is a gentle revolution. Will you join me? Will you take up arms and hold them wide? The gentle revolution is the only revolution that can truly change our species. From knowledge comes understanding, with understanding comes peace. Peace is my goal. A journalist and writer, working to promote understanding of difficult and unfamiliar subjects. From evolutionary biology to meditation, linguistics to current affairs, I'm writing about stuff that interests me and I think other people would find interesting and/or useful. It's not all heavy stuff though! I'd go mad. Expect sketches, ditties, attempts at humour, and stuff that's just too cool not to share. Tune in every week or so for essays, short stories, discussions and commentary. I need your help. There is a lot I don't know. I'll probably say things that aren't true or are missing some vital point. I'm interested in getting to the right answer, not being right, which is why I need you to engage, discuss, and call me out when I'm full of it. As a truly independent writer and journalist, I rely on support from my readers to be able to do my job. With your help, I can devote more time to researching and writing. My aim is to be able to do this full time and I can only do that with regular donations from people who think what I'm doing is important. If you're not comfortable with supporting me here, you can find me on Patreon and PayPal (details to come). Alternatively, I'm very happy if you donate something to UNICEF or a charity of your choice. The gentle revolution is the last revolution. It will bear fruit long after I am forgotten, but what else is there to fight for?
seeker of various truths
Hello, new to minds but rest assured this channel will continue to expland in content, and lucidity. Some of things that will covered here are Spirituality, philosophy, science, food, the cosmos, Alternative media and wordly cultures.
Dec 2020
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