I am Happy to be here.

Vin and Sori look at the world and try to make sense of it. From subjects like trump and Jussie smollet, to historical breakdowns of important people that got us here. Vin and Sori’s communication style keeps you glued to your screen. There’s also a weekly call-in program where you can confront the man himself!

I guess it's not the easiest way to introduce one's self, but I'll give it a shot. I'm a twenty-something that is pretty certain he's not actually certain of anything. Lover of philosophy, consumer of food, occasional wearer of clothes. Nothing revolutionary, rarely deep, always a bit of a crass miscreant. I'm always a fan of discussion, but not much of the firestarter if that makes sense - feel free to throw some fuel on the fire, I'd love some company in my head. My name is Henry, in case anyone's interested.

HONOR IS SHAMED , PROBITY IS DESTROYED... GOOD IS EVIL & EVIL IS GOOD TRUTH IS HATED , HYPOCRISY IS THE NEW WAVE!!! MORALITY IS BIGOTRY, LOVING , & HONORING AND OBEYING GOD IS CONSIDERED HATEFUL.. TELLING THE TRUTH IS CONSIDERED HATE SPEECH.... #Truth #Freespeech #FreeTommy #news #politics #Religion #infoWars #Freedomfighter #Truthwarrior #Israel #prolife#walkaway Screw Facebook banning free speech...

Greetings, and first my apologies for the extended absense, during half of which I'd been providing palliative care for my mother, the other half crawling back from the extreme degree of sleep deprivation, into a limbo of egoless introspection and self realisation. Now I have been drawn back to my books - my life upside down, different house, different relationship, different family structure, but all fresh for rebuild, and I'm drawn back to the pages of ancient footsteps. So I start over, posting my work for comment, invitating others to offer their interpretations, sharing links, and to meet people. May simple joys brighten your day aplenty.

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Sep 2021
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