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If #wethepeople continue to give our time, energy and - especially - money to companies and candidates who clearly do not represent our convictions, then we are essentially enabling, financing and empowering our enemies. #WakeUpAmerica.

a heart of babel. a freedom dreamer. in it for adventure. enamored by liberty. transcending in love. #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen HeartOfBabel.com

Bitcoin Maximalist. Stoned Cold Assasin with Money. Shunning all Assets not Satoshis. Minus the Real Estate. Quantum Supremacy. At your Sevice..Stak Sats. Bitcoin..3MmUpsB6UGjJ3qLRdG9pwY5zf9C8XmjUXg

The challenge to reach financial freedom from zero.

Comic Book Creator Autodidact | Free Thinker #Comicsgate #Canocron

Jan 2021
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