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richbrainAug 18, 2018, 10:42:42 AM


The important of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. This is due to the fact that in today’s dynamic world, life without technology is meaningless. Technology, which basically refers to bringing together tools that ease creation, use and exchange of information, has a major goal of making tasks easier to execute as well as solving many mankind’s problems. As technology continues to advance and direct even more easiness in our lives, there is a need to stress how advantageous it has been to the development of block chains/ platform that is use to enhance the efficiency and security in crypto-exchange. Through these platforms/block chains, individuals are able to invest on different currencies with a small token and huge profit. Because of the similar and underdeveloped features of some cryptocurrency exchanges in blockchain technology; they experience correlated critical issues such as network congestion and network delays, low expansion, insecurity and low efficiency. Therefore the introduction/development of FXPay (FXP) helps to minimize those lapses in other platforms, hence bringing innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. All thanks to FXP professional team who has helped to revolutionize the Foreign Exchange market. Join FXP through the link bellow; https://fxpay.io/

FXPay is an exciting and highly prospective business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. FXPay can intelligently mitigate risk and increase the speed of transactions in the Forex market through the utilization of its FXP token, an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Click on the link below to watch a short video about this platform@ https://youtu.be/_30bM4zSLzg

FXP is a gateway solution which will unify the Ecosystem and Forex industry based on the blockchain technology.By introducing blockchain technology to the Forex market, FXPay is able to address inefficiencies in the market that, until now, have not had a solution. By offering a digital currency to brokers and traders, FXPay provides a medium to effortlessly convert fiat currency into FXP tokens. Once it is securely logged on the blockchain, it can be converted into any Forex pairs. Traders can then use Forex credit to participate in the market. Once trading has ceased, traders can trade Forex credit back into FXP or any other digital currency. Alternatively, traders can choose to keep Forex credit, which can either be used to continue trading at a later stage or withdrawn into fiat currency through the Forex trading platform, at minimal cost.

FXPay aim is to create a large international eco-friendly community on a digital platform that is made to meet the demands of Forex premium brokers and traders. The primary focus will be premium brokers who require a new transaction method which is made cheaper and faster through the use of blockchain technology. FXPay aims to expand on this becoming its own premium broker. This will allow clients to freely invest in the Forex market with our token. This will provide a platform with both established users and significant daily volumes, which will steadily increase the price over time.

For more information about ico and coin allocation , do well by clicking on the ling below. https://fxpay.io/pdf/FXPAY_V.1.5.pdf

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